"I have invested many years working in user centred research, prototype design and testing to help create interfaces that will delight people."

My approach to design focuses on understanding users and supporting their goals. I am no stranger to usability testing and love to inform and measure my design decisions with analytic data.
My preferred design tools are collaboration with other passionate people (more talented than me). In addition, post Covid-19 all I need is a Miro board and an internet connection. Otherwise, some dry-erase boards and Expo markers, Sharpie™ markers, Post-it notes, FigmaSketch and InVision. Helpful team communication tools such as Slack, Jira/Confluence are also welcomed with open arms.
I work well in large or small organizations practicing agile methodologies, design sprint workshops and enjoy the fast pace of the start-up space.

Feel free to network via LinkedIn

For consulting and part-time project work contact me anytime!​​​​​​​
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