The SoundWave Digital Jukebox was a coin operated touch-screen entertainment kiosk. Inspired by the Wurlitzer jukeboxes of yesteryear, the case design and user interface took visual queues from the past to set it apart from it's digital jukebox competitors.
My role in the design of SoundWave touched all aspects. From the SoundWave branding and custom enclosure all the way to the UX/UI.
KioskCom – Interactive Kiosk Excellence Awards 2003
Best Hospitality / Entertainment Kiosk Application

Client: TouchPoint Solutions, Inc.
Custom Enclosure with Backlit Signage
User Interface Content Blocking
Album Selection / Browse By
Album Details / Track Selection
User Interface
Album Selection / Browse By Categories
Album Selection / Browse By Artist A-Z
No Song Selections Available (outlier)
Album Details / Track Selection
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